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give me something to do   
07:52pm 04/04/2007
mood: curious
my room is clean.
my taxes are done.
i have tomorrow off,
and i had today off.
there are three loads of wash that could be done,
but that would require me going out to get quarters
and it's cold as january outside.

i need to get productive with some new paintings or something,
but i don't want to make a mess.
booze sounds good, but my paycheck doesn't clear until midnight.
i'm not tired,
and i'm not hungry.
but i am sort of bored.

what should i do?

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01:40am 03/04/2007
mood: annoyed
everyone is talking about marriage and weddings and i am going to barf!

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thinking of you   
09:23pm 01/04/2007
mood: tired
at work i usually write the schedule and today was no different.
each day under the listing of who works where, we include a funny saying, idiotic factoid and more recently pictures. tomorrow's schedule has a kevin neff photograph on it. one of my favorites, that i call- the wishing tree. i don't know if it has a title, but it makes me wish i could find a place like this. a tree standing all alone, to sit beneath on a long, warm afternoon. if i were there i might be reading a book in its shade or laying out underneath its whistling branches, on a bedsheet playing the cloud game with someone sweet. that would be good...

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bye bye uni-brow & hello natural curl   
04:54pm 28/03/2007
mood: good
spring has inspired a curlier do'.
so, in the celebration of renewal and change,
i cut my hair and damn is it short! eek.

i hope i don't hate it next week.

curl up and dyeCollapse )
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feeling a bit like frida (in a bad way)   
12:38pm 28/03/2007
mood: hungry
i'm going for a bang trim and a brow wax.
i need to be less hairy and more sexy.

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05:35pm 21/03/2007
mood: giddy
p.s. i also got this last night xo

two moreCollapse )
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debt free by 2010   
05:12pm 21/03/2007
mood: accomplished
while i didn't win mega millions last night, i did sort of win the lottery. i have decided that it is beyond time to grow up and stop abusing credit cards. so, with a little help from my mom, i will be consolidating my credit cards and student loan debt so that i can make one nice and neat payment every month. after three years, pending any crazy circumstances, i will be debt free. this will allow me to have a savings within a year or two and be on my way to buying property by 2011. until then, i will be crabby and broke, so feel free to cook me dinner or burn me cds or dvds...because the splurges will be diminished. i have to make lifestyles changes. this means going to the bar once or twice a week max. this also means eating out for lunch or dinner one to two times a week max, which will require organization and planning that i have got to get used to. i also will not be able to take any expensive trips this summer, though i desperately want to visit my family out west and also nicole in new york. i have a feeling that those things will be postponed until next spring at least. i have cut up all but one credit card, which i will have in case of emergency. it is going to suck for the next three years, and i have to promise myself that i won't let myself get sucked into any credit card offers from now on. i am ready to start my life feeling lighter in the financial burdens department. *phew*

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joe's grandaughter   
10:11pm 11/03/2007
mood: nostalgic

i own my grandad's camera. a spartus full-vue by spartus camera corp. of chicago, ill.
it was used to capture the lives of my aunt and mother until they were in their 20's.
i wish i could find film for it so that i might capture my own twenties, while i am in chicago, ill.

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cheers to robert and also the fine products of micro center!   
02:03am 09/03/2007
mood: happy
whoopie! my computer is fixed! and it cost me about $100 bucks to do it, thanks to my friend rob and micro center's fine prices! i have a new hard drive that has 250 GB (from the 40GB one that i had in it before, yikes-awesome!) and i also purchased another 256 mb ram. now i can download all the music and photos i want! hooray! the internet seems 100xs faster and all of my programs open up rapid-fire style!

this is me and my friend rob:

*wink* *wink*
i turned 25 years old on february 18, 2007   
10:40pm 02/03/2007
mood: amused
thanks to everyone who made my birthday awesome.
especially carolyn who was my partner in crime all weekend long.
there are 50+ pictures under the cut, so BEWARE!


quarter-centuryCollapse )
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the men of chicago and their strange lefty fetish   
12:25am 02/03/2007
mood: amused
it appears that i would have better luck dating if i were left handed.

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steady footing   
11:44pm 28/02/2007
  i have been trying to update my livejournal for three days.
for some reason i kept being bounced out or errored in some wa
in that time i had thought and written about 8 entries in my head.
clever and witty, full of importance and fun circumstances.
all of which have evacuated my brain.

the only thing on my mind right now is finding my stamps so i can mail out my bills and be broke until next thursday.


p.s. happy birthday anna!
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titanium tight!   
08:20am 23/02/2007
mood: excited
nicole comes in from new york in less than 8 hours.
i think there is going to be a (the) tights reunion.
get ready to rock!

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blow it out! blow it out! wayyy out!   
06:43pm 21/02/2007
mood: aggravated
so i bought a can of air and a stack of back-up cd-R's.

i opened up and cleaned my emachine.
it was disgusting and filthy with dust and cat hair.
and i opened my disks and prepared to write out labels...
and then i plugged all the loose, lazy cords in and powered up the beast!

and while the squealing is still there, it has lessened.
i am not having a ping-pong sort of noise, like i have had in the past when my hard-drive has gone bad, so i am hoping the light squeal is just the fan's usual noise that i am not used to because my computer has remained off for about 48 hours.

i have been trying for the last 20 minutes to work on backing up my prized photographs, and written documents, with no luck because the cd-r's the dude at staples sold me only hold 700mb, and most of my photo folders are 10 gb. errrr.

hopefully, the cleaning did the trick.
hopefully, i won't lose all of my files in the night while i'm sleeping.
hopefully, i won't need to figure out how to pull $600+ bucks out of thin air to repurchase a computer to play online and compose crappy work memos on.

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a second day of the symphony.   
08:13am 20/02/2007
mood: frustrated
i think my computer is dying.
or at least it is overheating...

i am currently experiencing a high-pitched squealing orchastra escaping from its innards

this happened yesterday night, so gave it a good nights sleep and now it's roaring like before.
any suggestions?

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she swallowed her gum, and it made an impending bubble of doom in her stomach   
10:52pm 15/02/2007
mood: bored
the peter pan peanut butter in my cupboard, the one that i have eaten for nearly a month, has been recalled for posible salmonilla poisoning. i wonder if this has a direct correlation to my shit-fits over the last month.

in less than 24 hours, miss carolyn ann will be chillin' with me in chicago, i only wish i was able to freeze time and not be at work during her visit.

in 3 days i will be a quarter of a century old. also, in 3 days time, i will be bowling and drinking beer with friends, hooray!

i had a hot dog and velvetta shells and cheese for dinner. it was delicious.

grey's anatomy totally kicked my tear-duct's ass(es).

i think i might give up candy for lent, even though i am not a practicing catholic. two years ago i tried being a vegetarian for lent. it lasted 24 days. i ate chicken strips from max and erma's with ranch dressing, and it was all down hill from there...

it is a myth that if swallowed gum takes years to digest in one's body. turns out that our stomach doesn’t digest gum at all. since chewing gum is made out of soluble fiber, it passes right through with the rest of our poo. awesome!

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kiss and tell   
12:51am 15/02/2007
mood: chillin'
five years ago i met a boy on I-96.
(five years ago, nearly to the date)

his name was brian, he went by moe.
he drew me a catholic penquin to wish me a happy birthday on an h & r napkin.
i have that napkin somewhere.

today, i met up with moe again, this time off the blue line @ damen.
he took me to valentine dinner at club lucky.
i took him to the shit fountain and to clubfoot.
i bet him at tetris. he made me laugh a bunch.

it was a nice night.
and a nice kiss goodnight.

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i landed the gig!   
10:32pm 30/01/2007
mood: excited
last monday i applied for a temporary promotion within my department at the art institute of chicago.the promotion was to work as an acting supervisior during the cezanne to picasso show which runs from february 15-may 13, 2007. today i was handed an interdeparmental memo from my supervisiors, justin and steve, announcing myself and my co-worker kevin having landed the two-spot gigs! i was so excited that i gave my bosses high fives and shouted somewhat loudly when i read my name on the letter.

i don't want to get too excited, because i know that it is going to be a lot of work ahead. the next four months are probably going to be hell. however, i have to look at the bright side of it all. i landed the job i wanted, i got a raise [even if it is temporary], i applied against people who have been there for years and i have only been there four months and also, i have to chance to put this on my resume and rock it [!] with another department or another museum in my future. the hard work will follow, but i am ready for the challenge. i am thanking all of the higher powers and people looking out for me...


p.s. today our famous AIC lions were supposed to be fitted for their new head gear. both "on the prowl" and "stands in an attitude of defiance" had to wait another day to don their new chicago bear's helmets, a tradition carried over from the super bowl in 1986. turns out the company who fabricated the fiberglass helmets, didn't anticipate the "shrinkage" factor and the helmets began to crack under the pressure of the fitting. they will try again tomorrow. here's a link to an article and newscast from the chicagotribune.com --->

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11:54am 29/01/2007
mood: mellow
sex is a healthy distraction.
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the brit from coat check   
01:50am 22/01/2007
mood: geeky
my duties today included working in the coat check, where i experienced love at first sight... or maybe lust. there was this young man with incredible sideburns who i assisted with his coat. he's cuteness made me blush. i asked him to pay his dollar for my service and he remarked, "is that the same for SAIC students?" in his sexy british accent. "nope, i just need to see your ID" i say. i look at his photo and glance for his name, but his thumb was holding his identity hostage and i found it rude to stare so blankly at his card for too long. i thank him, hand him his coat check token and i as turn away from him still blushing i run right into the wall, having tripped on my pant-leg.

what a goof.

i play out scenarios in my head of asking him to coffee or out for a drink. i think that it is funny because i started the day speaking to guests in my best british accent. now, all i want is to hear him say, "yes"... he could say it with his eyes even. so i wait, and wait for him to return for his green down-feather coat. he does, and i do help him once again-mostly because i push aside my co-workers in desperation to see his kind eyes once more. i grab his coat and hand it to him, thanking him and smiling. our eyes meet, i melt and become mute. it is funny, most of the time i can't shut the fuck up, and when i need my words the most i am a failure to my own tongue.

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02:12am 16/01/2007
mood: productive
it was a productive day, for not having worked.
[i feel guilty, as it is the first MLK day in 7 years that i haven't volunteered...]

most importantly, my room is clean and organized.
today i also:
-made all of my meals and did laundry.
-paid bills and drank 10 glasses of water.
-played fetch with sullivan and did tarot with mike and B.
-heard mike play his new song, i cried a little.

i need to:
-pack my lunch,and my gym bag for tomorrow.
but it is late, and it can wait until morning.

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once again, thank you rainer maria!   
11:32pm 12/01/2007
mood: frustrated
Life was leisure, learning French words
And staying in white rooms without any style
Mailing letters, and taking pictures
We put each other's in a drawer for awhile

But when will it all fall through
What else can I tell you
You just can't turn me on and off
You just can't turn me on and off

We're always drinking, and we're always playing
And someone's always trying too hard
So book the tickets, and please her parents
She is lovely and he is really smart

And when will it all fall through
What else can I tell you
You just can't turn me on and off
You turn me on and off

At first you believed it
And now you don't believe
At first you could see it
Why dont you (believe)?

The future's glowing out of focus
Our talk is cheap but the phone bill is not
And how can one word mean another
And why am I staying up alone in the dark

When will it all fall through
What else can I tell you
You just cant turn me on and off
You turn me on and off

When will it all fall through
(Cause I know it will)
What else can I tell you
You just can't turn me on and off, on and off
You turn me on and off

*wink* *wink*
08:21pm 06/01/2007
mood: high
do you know what is worse than hitting your funny bone?
having kidney stones, the culprit for all my pain and bitching this week.

what is the one good thing about having kidney stones?
being doped up motrin 800's and vicodin.

yee haw. happy new year!

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NYE picture overload!!!!   
02:51am 05/01/2007
mood: amused
happy 2007! here are the pictures taken on new year's eve with all of my lovelies!


New Year's Eve 2007(*picture heavy!)Collapse )
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the tattoo day photos, as promised a week ago. ;)   
09:45pm 04/01/2007
mood: amused
i went first so that i wouldn't puss out. the feeling reminded me of a cigarette burn, or maybe like a stinging cat scratch like i was told. my tattoo was less detailed than shawna's so it only took him about 30 minutes to do mine. bryan took these photos, but he didn't take very many.

then shawna went next. even though she looks like she is cringing in these, i think i cringed more. the second one i think is funny because she looks like she's in ecstacy while being tattooed. after awhile it begins to numb and you begin to trance with the buzzing of the tattoo needle.

*this picture captured the most painful place for shawna, the soft tissue that the top of her B was tattooed on, it was nearest her inner arm joint. ouch!

we are already planning out our next tattoos. crazy, right?

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