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one new painting, one new voicemail ( *no new photos, see below)

i just finished a new painting.
it only took me 2 hours. it seems that this "speed-painting" is getting me through a lot of bullshit. channeling my feelings by way of paint, glue and paper is pretty freaking amazing. i can't give this up. i won't. i haven't been able to process my feelings so well for myself (& for others) in ages or ever? it feels wonderful. i feel refreshed, pleased. content with what i have created. the only thing i am not quite sure of is the title. "untitled: thinks for herself" 2007.

"untitled: thinks for herself" 2007

detail from "untitled: thinks for herself" 2007

also, i got a voicemail. an apology. i am still debating the likelihood of a call back to him, and i don't need to decide that today. or even tomorrow.

also, my camera is already broken. apparently something got caught between the retractive lens and is causing the camera to unopen and request a restart due to lens jam. this happened moments after i took the photo of my latest painting. eff. i should have been using my camera case the whole time, i am sure it wouldn't have happened. i spent nearly $200 bucks on it, less than 3 months ago. what crap? and i didn't bother with the warranty. dumb. looks like my next big purchase is closer than i thought. so much for daily photo entries. grr. icing on the cake of today? perhaps.

one last thing. i might be having a show at gold star bar in august. maybe with libby. it might be the coolest thing ever. you might have to come. xo
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