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photo journal entry: july 20-21, 2007

so i am bad at the then and now.
shoot me.

here are a few from july 20th:

view from bridge near halstead, chicago

note to self:

texture: wood, drywall, cement, matte paint, board...

line: staggered, diagonal

form: demolition

once upon a time...then the ceiling gave way.

and just one from july 21, with a link to the flickr account i created for the finch gallery, chicago. this is a gallery that is co-directed by my friend casey and her friend nicholas. the space has more or less been donated to them and is located in logan square. finch gallery is situated on the second floor of the fireside bowl building at 2648 w. fullerton. if you are ever in chicago, especially in the next three weeks check out casey's show. here's the link to the images that i posted from her two openings...there were about 200+, only 47 made it online due to monthly space limitations.the questions themselves. casey murtaugh,2007 or, check out the space at:

here is an "artsy" shot of some randomly stuck daisies on the side of the fireplace mantle...

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