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it was something, not one thing, not one thing

isn't it amazing how alcohol can give you the power of a superhero?
i am getting over dramatic about the possibility of meeting someone tonight,
we haven't been talking long, but we have been talking. he's too attractive.
i think i am going to need a lot of booze to get the courage to be assertive and funny.


also my right arm keeps twitching. what the heck is that about? it is twitching like a heartbeat, and it's totally wigging me out. i wonder if i should be concerned if it doesn't stop?


i might be offered a job today. maybe that is wishful thinking, maybe intuition. but it could be terrific. either way i am meeting with the head of another department for coffee and chit-chat, she said in her email today that she is bringing a colleague. maybe i'll have a new job by the end of july. who knows? the craziest thing on my mind this week is the memory of packing up in michigan and moving to chicago. it will officially be 1 year that shawna and i jumped the lake, this sunday. time flies. it has been so much fun.

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