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two days off!

this is the second week in a row that i have had two full days off and it is wonderful! today i slept in and then made myself breakfast. afterward, i busted out some fresh acrylics and a fresh 12X36 canvas and went to town. i took a break from that painting ("i met him on a tuesday"), and with a fresh idea i started in on a 9X12 baby that i have named, "georgia loves robert"--which is sort of a marriage between two of my favorite artists of all time, georgia o'keeffe and robert rauschenberg. it's a mess and i like it! i am trying to get together about 10 pieces to choose 3 from for the gallery show that i will be a part of in july with my co-workers at the museum. (more on this later!) i took some photos with my 3/4 dead camera, and will post an update on here later, also.

tonight i will abstain from boozing and get to bed early. tomorrow is jam-packed with laundry, errand running and an opening for my friend daniel's first solo show at some art gallery in pilsen. should be really fun!

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