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in her american circumstance... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
ms. amber b

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7-7-07 [07 Jul 2007|10:02pm]
[ mood | bummed ]

not so lucky for me.

my friend libby and i applied to partake in the 5th annual renegade craft fair in wicker park. the craft sale is to be held on saturday sept. 15th and sunday sept. 16th, two streets from my house. today we got our rejection letter from the creators of the fair. boo hoo. i guess they had more than 700 applications and could only allow 200 vendors. we will get out $210 security deposit back later this week. and i decided that we should suck it up and still have a sale. just that it will be a yard sale/DIY goodies sale, and we will pop a tent in the front yard and sell our wares there. i figure that the traffic, though not as busy, will surely be worth it. if anything it gives a chance to sell some of our cool crap and make a couple of dollas. we will plaster the neighborhood with signs and posters to announce our sale--the day before so that they can't be removed. hell! maybe i'll even hire a friend to flag craft fair-goers down and tell them about our denied application and our cool shit for sale. sure, many of the crafters/artists in the fair have been working on their stuff for years. many even have their own store and online businesses, but what about the little ladies? we want to make money too! so that's the plan. we will turn our rejection into a revolution!

look for updates about this soon.
let's do this!

*wink* *wink*

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