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in her american circumstance... -- Day [entries|friends|calendar]
ms. amber b

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i landed the gig! [30 Jan 2007|10:32pm]
[ mood | excited ]

last monday i applied for a temporary promotion within my department at the art institute of chicago.the promotion was to work as an acting supervisior during the cezanne to picasso show which runs from february 15-may 13, 2007. today i was handed an interdeparmental memo from my supervisiors, justin and steve, announcing myself and my co-worker kevin having landed the two-spot gigs! i was so excited that i gave my bosses high fives and shouted somewhat loudly when i read my name on the letter.

i don't want to get too excited, because i know that it is going to be a lot of work ahead. the next four months are probably going to be hell. however, i have to look at the bright side of it all. i landed the job i wanted, i got a raise [even if it is temporary], i applied against people who have been there for years and i have only been there four months and also, i have to chance to put this on my resume and rock it [!] with another department or another museum in my future. the hard work will follow, but i am ready for the challenge. i am thanking all of the higher powers and people looking out for me...


p.s. today our famous AIC lions were supposed to be fitted for their new head gear. both "on the prowl" and "stands in an attitude of defiance" had to wait another day to don their new chicago bear's helmets, a tradition carried over from the super bowl in 1986. turns out the company who fabricated the fiberglass helmets, didn't anticipate the "shrinkage" factor and the helmets began to crack under the pressure of the fitting. they will try again tomorrow. here's a link to an article and newscast from the chicagotribune.com --->


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